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Ken L. Sherman
TDI Windstorm Appointed Engineer
Email: ksherman@rciengineeringtx.com
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Performing windstorm engineering & inspections since 1997
Specializing in Residential & Commercial
New Construction
Completed Improvements (WPI-3 Certifications)
Building Permits
Building Code Compliance
Structural Inspections
Projects Active or Disapproved by TDI
Expert Witness for Legal Council
Breakaway Walls
Our Services Include
Engineer drawings to meet appropriate building codes
Perform windstorm engineering & inspections on new or existing projects (windows, doors, siding, skylights, roofs, decks, porches, additions, remodels, and more.)
Process necessary documentation for windstorm certification on approved projects
Conduct residential & commercial building inspections, for sale, purchase, or investigative review
Phone: 979.265.4555
Hours of Operation
Monday - Friday
8:30 am - 5:00 pm